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Respond to data queries faster with the Tablion Data Portal

Leading research shows knowledge workers spend nearly half of their time finding and responding to questions about data1 - what if you could get that time back?

Tablion turns your data catalog into a click-and-collect data shopping cart to help users browse data and instantly connect with data owners so they can request data in a fast, safe and secure way.

With a configurable identity control framework, Tablion defines who can request data and to reduce the cost of responding to data requests.

1 - State of Data Science and Analytics report

The fast click-and-collect data shopping basket

Tablion makes submitting a data request as easy as click-and-collect shopping so users can build a basket of variables, ready for review all with a few simple clicks.
Build a shopping basket of data variables
Build a basket of data variables, complete request questions and send applications to data stewards ready for review - all with a few simple clicks.
Improve confidence in data
Reduce questions by giving users metadata that makes it easy for users to understand data before they access it.
Define identity controls to reduce identity burden
Issue users with a reusable proof of identity and data skills, so they only need provide their credentials once - and future requests are authorised faster.

Replace costly email and document based data requests

Tablion takes an active role by streamlining data requests with interactive workflows that connect data users with data stewards so that requests are faster and communication is never lost.
Reduce the time needed to process data requests
Replace custom request templates and simplify workflows with a straight-forward online data request platform.
Increase data request satisfaction
Build a rich picture of your data by linking codelists, data definitions, performance indicators and more to guide users to related content in your registry.
Increase data request satisfaction
Tablion streamlines data requests to help you respond faster. Collaborative review tools capture correspondence so that information isn't lost in inboxes or share drives.

Secure data by keeping requests separate from data

Just like click-and-collect shopping doesn't give shoppers access to a warehouse, Tablion doesn't give direct access to your data. Tablion helps users build requests into a single workflow for review and approval before data access is given.
Permissions-based controls
With clear role-based permissions, everyone knows their role in the system - whether they are a data requester, steward, approver or administrator.
Data inventory and access, not data storage
Tablion stores a description of your data without moving or connecting to data. So requests are based on information about the data, not access to the data itself.
Know who has accessed data and when
Tablion includes a comprehensive audit system that records every action at every step of the data request process, so you have complete visibility and tracability of data.

Standalone, but enhanced by the Aristotle Metadata Registry

Tablion and the Aristotle Metadata Registry are designed as standalone products but work better together by building a holistic, metadata-driven, user-friendly data ecosystem.
Interactive data request dashboards
Use Aristotle's metadata dashboards to see commonly requested data and variables so you can prioritise data governance efforts and develop new high-value data products.
Enhance data requests with simliar data
Connect variables with Aristotle data elements to help users find related data with information to enrich their requests.
Keep metadata and data in-sync
Document and govern metadata in your Aristotle Metadata Registry, and sync it straight to Tablion to provide a well-managed, up-to-date data mart.

More Than Just A Metadata Registry

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Trust your metadata to the experts.

Aristotle Metadata Registry subscriptions include frequent new releases and cloud hosting in our standard cloud environments. For users with more sensitive data requirements, we also provide Secure and Protected hosting options trusted by clients globally.

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Services & Support

Get more value from your registry through our specialist services that help advance your data maturity.

Whether it's training, custom development, governance and policy design or complex data migration - our team of metadata experts and partners have the skills to take your data capability to the next level.

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