Our values, our mission, our story

Our Values

The Aristotle Metadata Registry is a platform to help government and academic institutes provide positive outcomes for people through improved data management systems.

Our Mission Statement

The core principle behind the design of the Aristotle Metadata Registry is to build a framework for ISO/IEC 11179 compliant metadata registries, using 100% Free Open Source Software, and released to the public as Free Open Source Software.

By designing the Aristotle Metadata Registry in an extensible way, we are able to implement the model of ISO/IEC 11179-3, while remaining flexible enough to meet the needs of modern organisations without burdening the framework with unnecessary code.

Our History

Out of the cave and into the light - The Aristotle Story

The story of how the Aristotle Metadata Registry began in mid-2014.

After working with a few statistical agencies I saw a niche for a world-class metadata registry. Speaking with statistical and data-oriented agencies around the world, I began to see that many had built bespoke systems to tackle common problems, but nearly all had settled on the ISO/IEC 11179 metadata registry standard for their base. Each of these agencies had gone about solving and resolving this problem but there was a reluctance to share systems due to the perceived risks of being an open-source leader despite themselves using existing open standards.

Likewise, those agencies that did not have the ability to build in house had related problems. The marketplace for metadata management is small, leaving some software vendors unwilling to jump in and allowed others to carve specific niches, all while the true experts in the field, other statistical agencies, were not able to place their products into the public domain. All of which lead to a shallow competitive metadata marketplace.

Having previously worked on metadata modelling and practical registry design with Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, I had a clear understanding of the technical and user based needs for a metadata registry. Continuing on I began drafting plans for what an open-source metadata registry would look like, and began reaching out people who I knew had similar interests.

After a number of consultation sessions and design iterations the first version of the Aristotle Metadata Registry was launched at IASSIST 2015. Taking on continuing feedback from the launch, the community has grown into a small core of quality assurers and developers who continue to work on the system.

Now Aristotle is starting to grow a small community of users too and we are helping to build an interconnected metadata system, if you are interesting in joining this community contact us - we'd be glad to hear from you!

- Sam Spencer - Lead Developer and Community Manager