Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

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Aristotle Metadata Registry is provided by Aristotle Cloud Services Australia Pty Ltd, ACN: 622 750 403
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Government and Enterprises globally trust the security of their content to the Aristotle Metadata Registry. With our Secure and Protected cloud options, your data is never safer.
Our business relies on quality data to ensure we produce high quality, robust analytics, and insights that make a difference to the care and service our clients deliver. Having a partner and platform like Aristotle Metadata Registry ensures we can build new products and services with confidence that our approach to data management is best in class.
Duane Attree
Chief Executive Officer, Potential(x)
Aristotle has provided an excellent metadata and data governance tool set to the department to enable us to better understand our data holdings.
Melanie Taylor
Advisor, NSW Department of Communities and Justice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aristotle Standard Cloud?

Aristotle Standard Cloud is our base commercially supported solution for hosting the Aristotle Metadata Registry. Application isolation across an amortised platform, means Aristotle Standard Cloud is a safe and cost-effective software-as-a-service platform for metadata management.

Aristotle Standard Cloud uses application isolation to ensure that all client information is securely stored and is isolated from other client data in the unlikely event of service disruption.

To make sure users have an optimum experience, we include Standard Hosting for free with all subscriptions with all Aristotle Metadata software licences. For information about user licencing and subscription fees see the Aristotle Metadata Registry product page.

Where clients have more strict organisational information security requirements, we provide Aristotle Secure Cloud and Aristotle Protected Cloud. These products include additional layers of network and infrastructure isolation to provide further guarantees of client data protection.

Are there setup costs?

No — there aren't any extra costs associated with setting up your cloud metadata registry. Once you choose your configuration we can have your Aristotle Metadata Registry ready to go almost instantly.

If you have large volumes of metadata to migrate or have special design requirements, we can discuss consulting options to provide you with the services you need.

Can I use my own domain with Aristotle Secure/Protected Cloud?

Yes — as long as you have the domain registered, we can point your registry to any domain you need. If you are looking to host on a .gov domain (or,, etc...) you'll need to register that through your government domain provider.

For all other publicly accessible domains (.com,, etc...) we can help manage domain registration on your behalf.

Once you have a domain, we can setup DNS records to point your Aristotle Metadata Registry in the right direction.

Is Aristotle Secure/Protected Cloud suitable for government agencies?

Yes — our Aristotle Secure and Protected Cloud options have been independently assessed by government IT departments. We provide services to Australian federal government agencies that store ISM PROTECTED-rated content.

We understand that different countries and different government departments have unique requirements, and our team has the expertise to work with you to select the best product and can provide all documentation to assist with any security assessments or authorisations required.

Where is my Aristotle Metadata Registry hosted?

For clients hosted on Aristotle Secure or Protected Cloud we host in the more than 20 regions currently supported by Amazon Web Services, including various countries across the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific.

For clients on Aristole Standard Cloud, we have 3 hosting regions available — Australia, Europe and the United States. Each of these has been selected to give clients a cost-effective metadata management solution that meets local data sovereignty requirements.

Want to learn more about how Aristotle Metadata can make your metadata more accessible and more secure?