Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Our Vision

Make data, make sense

Aristotle Metadata helps organisations of all shapes and sizes record information about their data, so they can provide evidence-based, positive outcomes for their stakeholders.

Our Mission Statement

Deliver high-quality accessible metadata solutions that enable our clients to maximise the value of their data.

We make it easier for our clients to find and use their data to reduce the cost and increase the value our clients can get from their data. By delivering a range of products with supporting technical and consulting services, we're providing our clients with the tools they need to streamline their data management processes. This ensures that our clients can deliver evidence-based outcomes and improve their value to their stakeholders.

Our Values

We take pride in the quality of our products and services, and guarantee this through rigorous quality assurance, peer-review, and regular feedback with our users to ensure our products consistently exceed expectations.
We are humans, and we understand all people make mistakes - and if this happens, we listen to feedback from our users, provide clear information, and invest in improving our processes to provide quality products.
We take risks to continuously innovate and improve our products to ensure we maintain our position as a leading provider of metadata expertise.
We dedicate ourselves to supporting open-source software, and where practical we release new libraries as open-source to provide back to our community, and demonstrate our technical excellence.
We promote ongoing learning opportunities - both internally and externally.
We value learning internally by listening to and learning from client feedback, and support learning opportunities for staff to maintain our expertise.
We value learning externally by providing our expertise to clients, by providing accessible training for our clients and routinely refresh our training options to ensure our clients can continue to get value from our products.
We respect the privacy and integrity of our users, and provide clear and concise information to clients in a way that is respectful of the privacy of our users.
We engage with all of our staff, clients, users and stakeholders to provide their feedback on our products and services so that we can focus on the continued excellence of our solutions.

A brief history of Aristotle Metadata

Development of the Aristotle Metadata Registry began in mid-2014 after I, saw a need for organisations to manage their data better, through user-friendly software that could be easily used by everyone.

After working with a few statistical agencies I saw a niche for a world-class metadata registry. Speaking with statistical and data-oriented agencies around the world, I saw that many had built bespoke systems to tackle common problems, all based around the ISO/IEC 11179 metadata registry standard. Each of these organisations had gone about solving and re-solving this problem, but there was a reluctance to share systems due to the perceived risks of government agencies providing commercial software.

Having previously worked on metadata modelling and practical registry design with several Australian government departments, I had began to understanding the technical and user based needs for a metadata registry. Continuing on I began drafting plans for what a user-friendly metadata registry would look like, and began reaching out people who I knew had similar interests.

After a number of consultation sessions and design iterations the first version of the Aristotle Metadata Registry was launched at IASSIST 2015.

Now I'm proud to say that we are a growing software and services firm with presences in Australia, London and the US, and have brought together a growing community of data users, all using an interconnected, user-friendly metadata system.

Sam Spencer
CEO & Co-founder