Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment
Cloud Technology

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is one of the worlds largest and most-reliable cloud technology providers. AWS provides cloud technology services globally, including auto-scaling servers, managed search engines, robust database technologies, and serverless API integration platforms.

Aristotle Metadata uses the power and reliability of AWS to deliver global, highly available services to our clients.

Aristotle Metadata is an AWS Select Tier Technology Partner, and a member of the AWS Activate program. By maintaining a close connect with our AWS through their network of technology representatives, we have up-to-date and reliable information to ensure that our services meet the high needs of our clients.

Consulting Partner

Catapult BI

Catapult BI is Australia’s leading business insights consultancy dedicated to assisting organisations to maximise the business value of their corporate data assets.

As a leading professional and information technology services organisation, Catapult BI supports our clients by providing on-premises IT support, information and data governance guideance and change management services.

Professional affiliation

Data Management Association (DAMA) Australia

DAMA is an international organisation dedicated to the improvement of data management and data governance that provides its members with training, support and certification.

Through our membership with DAMA Australia, Aristotle Metadata remains at the forefront of the data management profession. We ensure that our community it aware of new advances in the field, and we are a regular presenter at DAMA meetings throughout the year.

Professional affiliation

Data Documentation Intiative (DDI Alliance)

The DDI Alliance is a international organisation dedicated to the development of interoperability formats to improve the long-term management of data in the social, behavioral, economic, and health sciences.

Through our membership with the DDI Alliance, Aristotle Metadata continues its commitment to the long-term preservation of metadata for our clients. Thanks to the interoperability of DDI, clients can be confident that their metadata will generate long-term value for their organisation.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Aristotle Metadata understands how metadata makes organisations smarter, faster and more effective. If you like to help your clients make their data make sense, use the form below to contact us about a partnership with Aristotle Metadata.

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Tell me more about partnerships with Aristotle Metadata