Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Metadata migration

If your organisation has existing metadata assets, we have the skills to help you populate your Aristotle Metadata Registry with your content faster.

Take advantage of our extensive experience helping clients lift-and-shift their existing metadata into the Aristotle Metadata Registry. We've helped clients migrate metadata from structured databases like SQL and Microsoft Access all the way to bulk upload of Microsoft Excel or CSV formated files. And if your metadata is stored as free-text in Word or PDF, we have the skills to harvest your metadata into a structured form, and analysts who can provide quality control.

We back all this up with automated quality assurance processes that give you the knowledge that your new metadata registry will continue to exceed your organisations data quality requirements.


We provide a range of training services based on the needs of the client, including remote, face to face and hybrid formats. And all of our standard training modules are available online and cover topics from "An introduction to metadata" and all the way through to all the available functions and features of the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

Our standarised training modules are available online and on-demand and are targeted to help key user groups build capability faster. From new users unfamiliar with metadata to those already skilled with metadata management looking to integrate with existing tools, we have the right training options for your team.

For specialised needs, we can provide training tailored to your organisation as both in-person and branded on-demand videos for a more targeted audience to ensure that you get the most from your metadata registry.

Governance & Strategy

Whether you are beginning your metadata journey, or are looking for an independent review of your data governance, we have the experience to assist you.

Ensure that your data strategy is world-class and aligns with your metadata management processes, by utilising our experience developing data and metadata strategies for a range of government and enterprise clients.

Continue getting value from your registry and guarantee the quality metadata by building a metadata governance process based on the expert advice of our team. We can then help capture your metadata governance and business rules in your registry to take advantage of Aristotle Metadata Registry automated quality checking.

Custom development and API integrations

Connecting your metadata registry to existing systems and dashboards that generate more value from your data. The Aristotle Metadata Registry includes well-documented APIs to connect your registry to your data faster - and we're adding more all the time.

Where you need more custom solutions, we have the skills to develop custom software and specialised connectors to enhance your metadata and connect your existing platforms to your metadata.

We deliver our expertise using agile methodologies that helps us iterate project designs and deliver value to you faster.

Data governance is more than just software

You already know that good governance is more than a metadata registry, and Aristotle Metadata has the skills to help you on your metadata journey.

Get in contact to tell us about how we can help enhance your data capabilities.