Aristotle Metadata Recognised in 2021 GartnerĀ® Market Guide for Data and Analytics Governance Platforms

Changing expectations within the public around data access & transparency require strategies that deliver faster access to data without sacrificing security. Go beyond cataloguing to implement a holistic data platform to reduce the risk of disclosure of sensitive data and increase ongoing value generation from data.

Using Aristotle Metadata you can get a faster return-on-investment (ROI) by leveraging interest in data sharing to improve data quality by:

  • Engaging users & business users across the entire organisation
  • Improving the efficiency of data governance
  • Increasing oversight of data using out-of-the-box CDO dashboards

How Aristotle Metadata is helping the Australian public sector

Demonstrate data governance leadership

Accelerate digital adoption of data governance using Aristotle Metadata Software-as-a-Service solutions. Increase efficiency of data requests using metadata-driven systems that improve data security and data discoverability.

We helped a government department build a data profiler to index data assets in a central location to search across data lakes. This was supported by a Tablion Data Portal that delivered an end-to-end system which reduced time to respond to data requests by 50%.

Improve corporate knowledge retention and adoption

Improve adoption by giving staff skills that promote career growth. Reduce vendor lock-in with a system built on tested standards. Improve talent acquisition and reduce onboarding time with easy to user interfaces

Our client leveraged widespread adoption of Aristotle Metadata to bring in expert staff on secondment. This accelerated adoption to hundreds of users in all areas across their agency to document 80% of key data assets within 6 months.

Ease of procurement to deliver faster ROI

Validate business requirements before lengthy procurements using free platform trials.
Procure faster through the Digital Marketplace Panel using DTA-approved contract templates. Achieve outcomes faster using software-as-a-service platforms available on-demand.

A federal government client selected Aristotle Metadata to build a multi-agency data management system using the DTA marketplace to streamline procurement. Within 3 months they delivered a production system rolled out organisation-wide with migration, tailored training, and strategy development to maximise success.

Aristotle has provided an excellent metadata and data governance tool set to the department to enable us to better understand our data holdings.

NSW Department of Communities and Justice
Read about how Aristotle Metadata helped the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

This could be the beginning of your data success story

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