Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

The all-in-one solution for creating and governing metadata

Centrally managed metadata

Record knowledge about your data in a central registry, that brings together human knowledge in a system ready to integrate with your data environment.

Fast, intelligent search

Find data faster using our built-in search engine, and find the right information with intelligent search suggestions.
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Accessible metadata management

User-friendly editors designed to help everyone create metadata quickly, while conforming to accessibility requirements including WCAG and S508.
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Designed to help teams collaborate

Improve business continuity by getting whole teams working together, and never risk important data being forgotten.
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Governance & Endorsement

Build confidence in your data by recording decisions throughout your entire data lifecycle.
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Unlock the value of your data with features designed for every user

Collaboratively create, edit, register and publish metadata - all from a single tool that provides the integrations needed to fit in with your existing data products.

Records all the information that defines your data in a standards-compliant way - including data dictionaries, code lists, business glossaries & vocabularies, performance indicators, classifications and more.

Find the right data, faster

Find your content faster using our intelligent search engine that includes spelling suggestions, filters and facets that makes searching metadata fast and reliable.
Fast full-text search
Find information fast using a powerful search engine that searches across all definitions, codes and links to find the best possible matches.
Intelligent suggestions
Find the right information faster thanks to our search engine that suggests spelling corrections, to make sure users get the best and most relevant results.
Browse & Filter
Discover related information easier by using facets and filters to drill down and link connected metadata.

Rich-text metadata editors

Capture important knowledge about your data using our user-friendly, web-based metadata editors that make managing metadata easy and fast.
Improve the quality of your metadata using in-built spell-checking and spell-correction.
Link definitions together
Build a rich picture of your data by linking codelists, data definitions, performance indicators and more to guide users to related content in your registry.
Creation wizards
Record information faster using our wizards that guide users when making metadata, and identify similar content to reduce duplication of content.

Team-building collaboration tools

Make it easier for teams and stakeholders to collaboratively develop and publish metadata, in a registry that supports remote-working through a web-based metadata development environment.
Issues management and change tracking
Privately record issues against metadata to keep track of changes that need to be made. And review changes from the past by reviewing the complete audit trail of prior edits.
Peer review
Review and discuss metadata as a team to make sure that content meets data governance requirements. Metadata reviews show the impact and scope of changes to drive intelligent decision making.
Continuous metadata quality checks
Get faster feedback on new metadata using our automated metadata quality system. This intelligent agent automatically checks metadata against pre-configured rules and quality guidelines.

Endorse and publish

Build confidence in your data by recording when, how and why data was created. Configurable endorsement and governance workflows help your team produce high-quality metadata that improves the value of your data.
Endorsement workflows built-in
Designed to integrate with your business processes and record your entire data governance lifecycle in one single place.
Decision Management
Record important decisions about the endorsement data to reassure your stakeholders in the high-quality of your data.
Publish with confidence
Keep your private data private and publish metadata based on configurable business rules to control access permissions that keep your metadata secure.

Prices are listed in USD, fixed pricing in local currencies available on request.
Aristotle Metadata Registry is provided by Aristotle Cloud Services Australia Pty Ltd, ACN: 622 750 403
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure my registry to include single-sign on or secure hosting?

We include Aristotle Standard Cloud hosting on all Aristotle Metadata Registry licencing plans. Aristotle Standard Cloud uses secure, application isolation to provide a safe and cost-effective software-as-a-service platform for metadata management.

Where clients have more strict organisational information security requirements, such as enterprise single-sign on, we provide the Aristotle Secure Cloud and Aristotle Protected Cloud. These products include additional layers of network and infrastructure isolation to provide further guarantees of client data protection.

What is the Aristotle Metadata Roadmap?

Each year, in collaboration with our clients we coordinate the development of the Aristotle Metadata Roadmap that lays out features and improvements users can expect to the platform each year. This process helps to gather and prioritise feedback, and ensures that the Aristotle Metadata Registry remains a leading, user-friendly metadata registry.

All users have the ability to provide feedback through our community, or through their registry administrators. Once feedback has been gathered, we develop and circulate draft roadmaps to our clients, and invite clients to nominate representatives to participate and endorse our annual product roadmap.

Once I hit the limit of teams or users for my plan, can I get more?

Yes — Each plan includes a number of user licences, and to limit disruption we won't prevent your users from signing up. If we detect that you are getting close to exceeding your included licences, we will contact you to dicuss ways to help manage your registry. Options can include up-front purchasing of additional user licences, monthly invoicing or adding a hard limit.

Only active users or teams count against your limits so you can always deactivate users who no longer use the system, or archive teams to increase capacity.

What is a Stewardship Organisation?

A Stewardship Organisation is a group responsible for the creation and governance of data and metadata. It could be a whole company, a business unit, committee or a data council. Each Stewardship Organisation can define its own governance roles and teams to delegate responsibility and help with the development of metadata.

In the Aristotle Metadata Registry, Stewardship Organisations allow a single registry to be shared by multiple business units or connected organisations. Each Organisation can control their own governance in a private space isolated from other areas.

This allows a single Aristotle Metadata Registry to capture multiple separate business silos within a single registry, or even build multi-tenancy metadata solutions that can be shared among related organisations.

Are there setup costs?

No — your subscription to the Aristotle Metadata Registry includes scalable, stable & secure hosting in your Standard hosting environments. If you have additional security requirements, we do offer enhanced Aristotle Secure Cloud and Aristotle Protected Cloud options. Once you choose your configuration we can have your Aristotle Metadata Registry ready to go almost instantly.

If you have large volumes of metadata to migrate or have special design requirements, we can discuss consulting options to provide you with the services you need.

What are "author user" and "collaborative user" licences?

Authoring user licences are provided to any user who needs to have edit control over metadata and data definitions in the registry. Authoring users will generally be using the Aristotle Metadata Registry on a daily basis to maintain data quality for the organisation. Authoring users licence are also required for registry administrators who are setting up and controlling governance within the platform.

Collaborative user licences are for any user who will only be assisting in data quality, and may only infrequently be using the registry. Collaborative users are able to log in, open issues and participate in discussions and reviews, and are able to endorse content on behalf of Registration Authorities.

More Than Just A Metadata Registry

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Trust your metadata to the experts.

Aristotle Metadata Registry subscriptions include frequent new releases and cloud hosting in our standard cloud environments. For users with more sensitive data requirements, we also provide Secure and Protected hosting options trusted by clients globally.

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Services & Support

Get more value from your registry through our specialist services that help advance your data maturity.

Whether it's training, custom development, governance and policy design or complex data migration - our team of metadata experts and partners have the skills to take your data capability to the next level.

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