Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Get more out of your data.

So you can

Democratise your data with solutions designed for everyone across your organisation.

Reduce friction by helping users collaboratively find, share and document data to improve data governance.

Make data discoverable using a centralised searchable registry ready to integrate with your existing business intelligence solutions.

Aristotle Metadata Registry
Make data make sense

Your data wants to be understood - and metadata is how it communicates!

Regardless of sector or size, well-managed metadata is critical to the success of your organisation in the 21st century.

Part of that challenge is making sure your data dictionaries, business glossaries and metadata assets are all managed in a central, searchable metadata registry that can be used by everyone in your team.

Government & Compliance

Metadata is the key language of government to ensure data is collected, reported and analysed correctly.

Without well managed metadata, your data will be incorrectly collected and interpreted and you risk policies being improperly applied.

Private Enterprise

Data drives corporate decision making, so leadership boards and teams need confidence in their data.

Well-managed metadata extracts more value from corporate data assets and reduces costs when collecting and interpreting data.

Health Data & Informatics

Metadata records the definitions needed to accurately measure and improve patient experience.

By capturing metadata definitions you improve policy effectiveness by ensuring patient data is collected accurately when reporting on health performance indicators.

Statistics & Actuarial

Metadata systems are integral for national statistics agencies when capturing standard defintions and classifications, and ensure they are properly managed and securely published.

Well governed metadata is vital to the understanding of official statstics - by industry, by government and by the public.

What Aristotle Metadata Can Do For You


Aristotle Metadata Registry

Our flagship enterprise metadata management platform.

Browser-based. User-friendly. Standards-compliant.

Double your data productivity with the Aristotle Metadata Registry by reducing duplication, streamlining workflows and improving data discovery. Improve your organisational data capabilities from a central, built-for-purpose metadata platform that meets all requirements for modern metadata management and governance.

  • Metadata management
  • Collaboration
  • Search and browse
  • Data lineage
  • Classifications
  • Performance Indicators
  • Data governance
  • API & Integrations

Aristotle Secure Cloud

Our secure, scalable and stable cloud-hosted platform.

Built on Amazon Web Services for maximum reliability, scalability and security in the cloud.

Available globally and designed to comply with data sovereignty requirements, this is the easiest way to deploy your own secure Aristotle Metadata Registry.

Uptime guarantee
High-availability design means you never have to worry about up-time... ever. Our enterprise-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives you the confidence that your metadata will be available whenever you need it.
1 day
Deployment time
We can deploy your Registry within hours, not weeks - so you see a return on your metadata investment faster. New features are available regularly and included in your subscription, so you continue to get maximum value from your Registry.

More Than Just A Metadata Registry

Integration services

Metadata drives insights about data, and is most valuable when it connects with your existing data systems.

That's why we provide well-documented, supported APIs to connect to your data systems, and can build custom integration services to make sure your team is getting the most out of your metadata.

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Metadata Migration

We make sure you get more value from your registry by migrating your existing metadata.

Whether your metadata is stored in an existing system or is managed using office tools like Excel or Word, we have the expertise to seemlessly bring your metadata into the Aristotle Metadata Registry to make sure you are generating smarter, data-driven insights sooner.

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The Aristotle Metadata Registry comes with in-built help and is designed to be easy to use, but we can deliver training so teams have confidence that they are following best-practice and are using the full suite of Aristotle Metadata tools.

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Metadata Governance

To continue to benefit from your metadata, you need a plan to continually capture data knowledge and keep it up to date.

We work with your team to develop data governance process that will future-proof your metadata, so you can continue to get value from your data using the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

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Trusted by government and private enterprise internationally

Aristotle has provided an excellent metadata and data governance tool set to the department to enable us to better understand our data holdings.
Melanie Taylor, Advisor
NSW Department of Communities and Justice
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Our business relies on quality data to ensure we produce high quality, robust analytics, and insights that make a difference to the care and service our clients deliver. Having a partner and platform like Aristotle Metadata Registry ensures we can build new products and services with confidence that our approach to data management is best in class.
Duane Attree, Chief Executive Officer
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I like the layout of the details of each of the metadata items. Easy to read, good links, seemingly complete. In fact, this may be the best instance of trying to present conformant 11179 I have seen.
Dan Gillman, Information Scientist
US Bureau of Labour Statistics

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