Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

January Updates - One month into 2018

The first month in 2018 was a big one for us, there were so many new and exciting things that happened for Aristotle.

We now have two new government contracts. Both contracts were signed during January, and one of those agencies signed on for five years!

We have also started working with two other government agencies in Canberra, they’re both still in the beginning phases, but we’ve given demos of the product and there should be updates in February.

We also had our first off-site training session. We had to put on our business traveling outfits because we travelled to Sydney for two days, training a room of people how to use their new Aristotle Metadata Registry. It was exciting showing people how to use our product, and we got positive feedback out of the experience. We even handed out worksheets to help teach them about how to record their metadata within the registry, that we’re going to be publishing to help all of our users.

In other exciting news, we officially have a new team member. Harry moved all the way from Perth to Canberra to help build up our start-up. He just graduated from University, and has already made amazing contributions to the user-interfaces for how users manage code lists within Aristotle.

Because of our new customers and the others interested on getting on board, we have decided to put out a 2018 roadmap of what features we are going to be implementing and changing during the year. We created the roadmap to show that we are going to keep on pushing updates and changing things for the better. We’re always taking on feedback about Aristotle, and if you have any feedback please feel free to contact us.

A PDF of the 2018 roadmap is available online now

2018 is already gearing up to be a BIG year for Aristotle.

With all the great things that happened in January, we are looking forward to what the rest of the year brings. Stay tuned for more blog posts, and a monthly update each month.