Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Community updates - DDI and the DTA Marketplace

We’ve had two big updates this month around the membership of Aristotle Cloud Service Australia within the metadata and digital communities that we are proud to announce.

On the international front, Aristotle Cloud Services Australia is now an Associate Member of the DDI Alliance. This membership provides us with connections with a large number of international and national official statistics agencies and data archives.

Aristotle Cloud Services has representation on the Scientific Board and the Controlled Vocabularies Committee, and in the coming months we are looking to join the DDI Marketing and Outreach Committee to bring our experience with the 5 Minute Metadata video series to support the DDI Alliance in their goals.

Closer to home we are proud to announce that Aristotle Cloud Services Australia, our company for providing support for Aristotle products, is now listed on the Digital Transformation Agency’s DTA Marketplace, providing valuable metadata services to the Australian Government. This listing will make it quicker and easier for government agencies in Australia to engage with ACSA to deploy the Aristotle Metadata Registry in their organisation. Australian Government agencies interested in our metadata expertise can view our profile and products through the DTA Marketplace

Thanks to everyone involved in these two new announcements, and we look forward to more announcements in the coming months ahead!