Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Outcomes of the 2021 Aristotle Roadmap Committee meeting

On March 4th, 2021, Aristotle Cloud Services clients and key invited technical experts met online to participate in the 2021 Aristotle Roadmap Committee meeting.

The goal of this meeting was for our clients to work with us to prioritise feature development for the upcoming year. By openly working with our clients, they have more influence over the direction of the product and provide accountability.

It also provides our clients with an opportunity to communicate back to us and provide vital input into our feature development process to help prioritise important features.

While client-to-vendor interactions are valuable, focus on client-to-client communication helps users share knowledge directly with each other. Clients and users of software will always have a different approach and understanding of the tool than the people who build it. By encouraging this direct communication, clients are able to share these direct, genuine and unique experiences with each other, as well as with us at Aristotle.

During the meeting, members of the Roadmap Committee were encouraged to provide feedback on proposed features. This feedback looked at implementation and timing of feature releases based on each users needs. Feedback was then workshopped among participants, with each member offering their own unique perspective. The result of this collaborative process was an improved understanding of how proposed features would benefit different users, leading to an improved 2021 Feature Development Roadmap that will benefit all users of the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

The end result of the meeting is the now fully endorsed 2021 Aristotle Development Roadmap, available for review now.

Thanks again to representatives from:

for their input and approval of this years exciting, feature packed roadmap!