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How does Aristotle Metadata MOG-proof your data strategy?

A change in government presents a range of challenges for public sector departments – but it shouldn’t change your data strategy. *You can MOG-proof your metadata!**

Machinery-of-Government (or MOG) restructures of government departments can streamline policy delivery but requires the merger and separation of business units complicated by IT systems that need to be integrated across department lines. These changes also risk the loss of critical data assets and misalignment of data capabilities between newly merged business areas. To make sense of these challenges the public sector need solutions that deliver faster insights from data while future-proofing data strategy to support MOG restructures. This requires systems that make data easier to share and discover across multiple departments.

The Aristotle Metadata Registry is the only data management platform specifically designed to both MOG-proof the Australian public sector and make it easier to generate insights from data. The Aristotle Metadata Registry can be configured to support single and multi-agency deployments to make data discoverable between merged business areas – and registry access can be shared and split when policy areas are divided across multiple departments.

Read on to learn how Aristotle Metadata can MOG-proof your metadata!

  • Multi-tenancy and multi-department options

    Clients use Aristotle Metadata Registry’s ‘Stewardship Organisations’ to separate business lines and keep metadata and data records under specific areas of control. This allows for necessary separations of business units, while maintaining a single metadata registry solution to improve discovery.

    When business units are moved or split between departments and portfolios, this separation can be managed with the Registry, as the metadata continues to be managed in the Aristotle Metadata solution, with separate controls and permissions created to align to the new structure.

  • Separate ownership from endorsement

    Clients recording metadata in their Aristotle Metadata Registry can use ‘Registration Authorities’ to separate metadata curation tasks from metadata endorsement. With the ability for designated governance groups to endorse metadata content, means that even when information is segmented across departments – governance decisions are captured, without a loss of data content or context.

  • Speedy, secure single sign-on

    Every Aristotle Metadata Registry can be configured to support single sign on to meet the secure requirements of Australian government solutions. But single sign on doesn’t have to be from a single source! Aristotle Metadata can configure registries to support single sign on from all department sources. This means users with memberships in different Stewardship Organisations can sign in using their department account, no matter where they are accessing their data.

Our Australia public sector clients are already taking advantage of our MOG-proof multi-department deployments.

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