Aristotle Metadata Registry v1.5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Aristotle Metadata Registry to PyPI – version 1.5.

This release, possible thanks to the support of Data61, includes a number of new features, usability improvements and bug fixes. This release also includes a new darker default theme that improves compliance with WCAG accessibility requirements. This version also incorporates new components from ISO/IEC 11179 necessary for documenting the metadata structures for linked data.

Key details for this release:


  • Aristotle Metadata Registry now has support for Relations from the ISO/IEC 11179 data model. This allows users to define custom relationships between metadata to create new ontologies.
  • Support for Python 3 and MariaDB
  • Search engine improvements, including generated sitemaps to improve search engine rankings and google site search declarations to improve visibility in site rankings.


  • User dashboard improvements including shortcut buttons for common actions, favourites list in the dashboard home screen
  • Improvements to how Data Element Derivations are managed and edited
  • Visual tweaks to creation wizards to show search terms
  • Added a new way to bulk add key-value pairs using slots and added an associated bulk action

A full list of features, improvements and bug fixes is available on the GitHub release page.

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