Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Aristotle Metadata Registry v4.10.0 - Deletion policies feature release!

Aristotle Metadata Registry v4.10.0 is now available to all clients.

This is a major feature release that includes new tools for registry administrators to set new content management policies to control the editing and deletion of metadata.

Previously, users could only delete metadata that was in their Sandbox. But now, registry administrator can set permissions that allow Workgroup managers and Stewardship Organisation administrators to delete metadata based on their own governance arrangements.

Administrators can also now also control the editing permissions of metadata registered contenwithin the registry.

Once a content policy is applied to the registry, users will be able to see the new “delete” option when viewing an item page, or from certain browse pages in their workgroups and organisations.

You can read more about setting up deletion policies at our online Knowledge-base.

Other features added in this release include:

  • Fixes distribution table visual overflow
  • Adds an option to allow users to create their own Stewardship Organisations
  • Adds custom correspondence map editor
  • Use select2 boxes for correspondence table editor
  • Add a tab showing raw data on item version page
  • Fix classification editor nesting of new item
  • Make classification viewer wider on desktop screens
  • Improvements to user profile picture cropping

The following issues have also been resolved:

  • Fix GraphQL returning multiple copies of item when querying by status
  • Fixes the Review Impact number in the Review details page
  • Fix ordering of items in Sandbox, and sets default order of Sandbox to most recently modified.
  • Show classification items and correspondence maps in version data

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