Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Aristotle Metadata Registry v4.11.3 - Open Graph, new drop downs and more!

Aristotle Metadata Registry v4.11.3 is now available to all clients.

This is a minor feature release that includes the following new features:

  • Add ability to sort users by last login / date joined
  • Show account activity details in user profile
  • Adds Open Graph meta tags to improve the way links are displayed when sharing Aristotle Metadata pages
  • Implementation of new autocomplete widget for Stewardship Organisations
  • Adds an inline editor description in Distribution formsets
  • Make maximum occurrences optional and nullable
  • Add url and shortDefinition graphql fields for all metadata items

The following issues have also been resolved:

  • Fix dead link in knowledge base help page
  • Fix favourites pagination not allowing users to access all pages of favourites
  • Add new loading submit button to comment boxes and issue label creation
  • Improve sddf error handling and documentation

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