Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment


With the assistance of Aristotle Metadata, the New South Wales Government integrated the Aristotle Metadata Registry into departmental Insights, Analytics and Research Units.

The Family and Community Services Insights, Analysis and Research (FACSIAR) team conducts and supports analysis, research and evaluation to drive evidence-based decision making to achieve the best outcomes for children, families and vulnerable communities.

Aristotle has provided an excellent metadata and data governance tool set to the department to enable us to better understand our data holdings.

NSW Department of Communities and Justice

How We Helped

On-site & virtual training
Aristotle Metadata delivered on-site training to the Insights, Analytics and Research Unit to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Our trainers helped the Insights, Analytics and Research Unit develop a metadata management team and build in-house capability to improve the governance of data.
Improved evidence-based decision making

By implementing the Aristotle Metadata Registry, the Insights, Analytics and Research Unit had improved access to business definitions for performance indicators, and improved discoverability of data assets in a privacy-preseving form.

Using the unique collaboration and automated governance features of the Aristotle Metadata Registry, the Insights, Analytics and Research Unit was able to record business knowledge in a centralised registry in an efficient and user-friendly metadata management system.

Australian cloud expertise

To meet the data soverignty and privacy requirements of the New South Wales Government, our cloud experts deployed the Aristotle Metadata Registry using our Secure Australian hosting.

Our enterprise-grade sevice level agreements meant that the Insights, Analytics and Research Unit enjoy a secure, scalable and stable cloud-hosting and were able to deliver a registry with greater than 99.9% uptime to their own stakeholders.

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