Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment
How do Aristotle Metadata and Collibra work together?

Both the Aristotle Metadata Registry and Collibra focus on different aspects of metadata development and the strengths of each system can be utilised by organisations looking to integrate multiple platforms using intelligent modern APIs.

Feature Aristotle Metadata Registry Collibra
Metadata management 4/5 2/5
Create and maintain business glossary
Out-of-the-box ISO 11179 metadata registry
Performance indicator management
Hierarchical statistical classifications
Customisable metadata model
Data profiling 2/4 4/4
Audit tracking and version control
Data lineage management
Automated data lineage harvesting
Automatically identify and tag sensitive data
Integration & Visualisation 4/5 4/5
RESTful Application Programming Interface (API)
GraphQL Query Interface
Metadata visualisation
Data visualisation
Collaboration 4/4 2/4
Data governance
Automation metadata quality checker
Issue tracking & Peer reviews
Secure Authentication & Permissions
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The Aristotle Metadata Registry is available globally for organisations looking to manage their metadata in a standards-compliant way.

If you're looking for a metadata management system to support your data profiling tools, contact Aristotle Metadata for more information!

Capterra - 5 stars!

Capterra gives the Aristotle Metadata Registry a 5/5 score based on user reviews.

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