Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment
Why choose Aristotle Metadata over
Feature Aristotle Metadata Registry
Metadata management 3/3 1/3
ISO 11179 compliant metadata registry
Data registry support
Classification management
Collaboration 5/5 0/5
Role-based permissions
Endorsement & Governance
Issues & track changes
Metadata reviews
Deployment 4/4 2/4
99.9% uptime guarantee
AWS Elasticsearch
Mobile-friendly interface

Don't take our word for it - try it yourself!

The Aristotle Metadata Registry is available globally for organisations looking to manage their metadata in a standards compliant way.

If you would like access to a commercially supported Data Registry with a rich-text search engine powered by ElasticSearch, a modern editing interface, team-collaboration features, and more contact Aristotle Metadata for more information!

Capterra - 5 stars!

Capterra gives the Aristotle Metadata Registry a 5/5 score based on user reviews.

Startup leader

Finalist in the 2020 Digital Canberra iAwards Startup of the Year.

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