Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

IASSIST 2017, Here We Come!

Sam and Lauren have both been accepted to present at IASSIST 2017!

This is very exciting, since it will be Lauren’s first presentation at a conference. Sam will be representing both Data61 and Aristotle Metadata Registry, with a presentation on how Aristotle and NationalMap have improved the usability of open government data. He will be showing how to connect metadata from Aristotle Metadata Registry with data from, and how to this is being used to build metadata-driven interactive maps on NationalMap using

Lauren is going to be presenting a poster on her 5 Minute Metadata videos. This poster is going to explain and highlight how we are teaching people about metadata through short user-focused videos. She will be walking through the processes that went into how and why they we’re developed, and the results and feedback she has received on them.

So, put on your red ruby slippers and we’ll see you in Kansas.