Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Family and Community Services NSW signs up with Aristotle Cloud Services!

Aristotle Cloud Services is proud to announce that the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) for New South Wales has signed a contract in our new Australian Private Cloud.

Family and Community Services are the first clients on our new Australian Private Cloud. This partnership represents a huge new endeavour for both FACS and Aristotle Cloud Services! This new Private Cloud gives Aristotle clients, such as FACS, the option to access Aristotle services in local Australian data centres, providing faster and more secure access to services within IRAP certified Sydney data centres provided by Amazon Web Services.

Recently, trainers from Aristotle Cloud Services were invited to the Ashfield offices of the Family and Community Services Insights, Analysis and Research (FACSIAR) team to introduce 15 new users to the Aristotle platform and provide training on metadata best practices, information governance and system administration. This new team of Aristotle Metadata Analysts from FACSIAR will be the first of many at Family and Community Service who will describe metadata resources for data collections and performance indicators within Aristotle. These newly captured definitions will assist with data visualisation, data discovery and data validation, and ultimately will improve service delivery for thousands of their clients all across New South Wales.

Thanks again to Mel Taylor and Anna Lewis (pictured below, centre and right) for helping set up this amazing new program.