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Presenting the Simple Data Dictionary Format

We at Aristotle Cloud Services Australia are thrilled to present the Simple Data Dictionary Format!

Have you ever dreamt about creating ISO 11179 compliant metadata objects through a Data Dictionary represented in a simple CSV or Excel Spreadsheet with only a few clicks? Thanks to the new Aristotle Simple Data Dictionary now that is possible!

What is a Data Dictionary?

A data dictionary is a document that records field names from data, along with definition of key concepts such as who data was collected from, how the data was stored and what type of data is stored for a given field.

By recording a data dictionary in a consistent, simple and structured format it is easier to interpret data accurately.

How can the new Simple Data Dictionary Format help my organization?

Metadata developers in your organisation are now capable of creating multiple ISO 11179 compliant metadata objects in only a few steps without having previous experience with the Aristotle Metadata Registry editor. The Simple Data Dictionary Format makes the process of creating metadata items much simpler and straight-forward. This new tool is part of the family to the Aristotle Tools and can be easily found in the Aristotle Toolbox. The SDDF is perfect for new Aristotle metadata developers with experience using Excel spreadsheets. Hundreds or even thousands of metadata items can be created in just a matter of minutes (or even seconds).

Thanks to the new Simple Data Dictionary Format, now it is easier to build and share existing data dictionaries and import them into an ISO 11179 compliant metadata registry - including the Aristotle Metadata Registry.

Within Aristotle, the Simple Data Dictionary Format can also be used with SDDF compatible items (such as Data Set Specifications and Distributions) to bulk import and attach Data Elements to them.

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We encourage you to get involved with this new exciting tool and you will notice how easy is to create new metadata entries!

More information

A complete specification for the Simple Data Dictionary Format is available on the Aristotle Labs, and you can see examples and test out the importer at Aristotle.Cloud.

If you have any questions about how to use this to create Data Dictionaries, join us at or contact us at

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Francisco Gallardo (Developer @ Aristotle)