Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

World Standards Day 2019

On October 14th, the International Organization for Standardization celebrates World Standards Day, to recognise the importants of standards to the global economy.

For our clients, the ability to create, maintain and publish data standards is of mission critical importance. Our users are responsible for tracking performance of national health systems, gathering data to track enonomic stability or undergoing research into social outcomes. These activities rely on accurate data that follows quality guidelines, to ensure the that information in readily understood by all users of the data.

Aristotle supports our clients by building Metadata Registries that can record standard data definitions across each of these domains to make sure that data is clearly understood. The registries make it easier for our clients to build and publish their own data standards, and our standard APIs enable them to build tools that make sure data follows these standards.

This is why Aristotle is committed to the development of open standards and open APIs. Our core product, the Aristotle Metadata Registry, adheres to key ISO standards for metadata, and our extensions follow standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium and the United Nations statistical bodies. We’ve implemented this by using and producing open-source software, and by following open technical standards like OpenAPI.

Every day we’re using standards to build value for clients, so that’s why today Aristotle celebrates World Standards Day!