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How data democratisation gets more people engaging with your data

Put simply, data democratisation is when “everybody has access to data and there are no gatekeepers that create a bottleneck at the gateway to the data”1. Data democratisation doesn’t mean that all data is open by default, but it does mean that everyone across the business has clear visibility about what data exists, who is responsible for it and how it can be accessed. This can be from simple data asset listings, data dictionaries or - ideally - a metadata registry that provides permission-based visibility of data.

Improving the access and visibility of data reduces friction across the organisation, by giving everyone a single place to search for data, improves understanding of what data is available, and increases efficiency by connecting data custodians and data users in a secure way.

Data democratisation has been recognised as a key strategy trend by Gartner research2, and organisations needs to be prepare to meet the new strategic challenge.

Below are some simple ways the Aristotle Metadata Registry democratizes your data by making it more visible, secure and providing greater impact to empower your data-driven organisations.

Make data accessible to everyone in your organisation

  • The Aristotle Metadata Registry gives all users visibility of data sets and data elements through a central, searchable and user-friendly system.
  • Training isn’t necessary to use – through an intuitive interface and guided tours, users can start discovering and using organisational data sets immediately (with support available if needed).

Make data management easy for all users

  • The Aristotle Metadata Registry helps all users record and manage their data – from data governance experts to business and policy areas.
  • The Aristotle Metadata Registry is a complete package for users to manage and share information about business-critical data.

Keep data secure through the right permissions

  • All data records within the Aristotle Metadata Registry can be published to control visibility and keep confidential information classified accordingly.
  • The Aristotle Metadata Registry doesn’t rely on connections to secure databases to help users discover and use organisational data, making it a more seamless way to work.

Lower the barrier to entry

  • The Aristotle Metadata Registry is a cloud-delivered solution that can be implemented almost immediately so you can start solving problems faster.
  • Single sign-on capability of Aristotle Metadata’s Enterprise products means users don’t need to manage multiple accounts – when connected, users can immediately see all necessary data from a secure platform.

Data democratisation brings immediate value to data-driven organisations looking to get more value from their data, and the Aristotle Metadata suite of products are proven technologies to help you achieve your goals!

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