Aristotle Metadata announces outcomes of December 2023 IRAP assessment

Aristotle has provided an excellent metadata and data governance tool set to the department to enable us to better understand our data holdings.

NSW Department of Communities and Justice
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The top 5 reasons Australian government agencies trust the Aristotle Metadata Registry

Authority to operate

Aristotle Secure Cloud for the Aristotle Metadata Registry has given the "Authority to Operate" by Federal Australia government agencies and has been approved to hold content classified as PROTECTED under the Information Security Manual (ISM).

Our Australian support team has experience documenting all of our services to comply with the Information Security Manual (ISM), and we can provide ISM Security Annex documentation on demand to give your ICT areas the confidence in the security and stability of Aristotle Cloud Hosting.

Guaranteed Australian data soverignty

All tiers of Aristotle Cloud Hosting - Standard, Secure & Protected - are available in our Australian server environment.

Our Australian server environment is securely hosted in the Amazon Web Services Sydney region, across multiple physical data centres with separate redundant power and networking to ensure that our services maintain greater than 99.9% uptime. This allows us to host all components of the Aristotle Metadata Registry in Australia - including search, data & file storage, backups and web application servers.

Regardless of your requirements, by choosing Aristotle Metadata you can have confidence that your data is hosted in Australia, meets Australian government security requirements, and is maintained by a local team of AWS cloud hosting experts.

MOG-proof metadata registry

Australian government agencies need systems that can quickly adjust to the "Machinery of Government" - aka. the dreaded MOG.

Through flexible pricing models and multi-tenancy built-in, the Aristotle Metadata Registry is a MOG-proof metadata solution that meets the complex needs of the Australian government departments.

The Aristotle Metadata Registry can be configured so that multiple related departments and agencies can securely share the same platform, while simultaneously maintaining their own user access permissions, governance rules and publication workflows. This means that your infrastructure is future-proof, and lowers the disruption to your data infrastructure during Machinery of Government changes.

Federated metadata to support a federated government

The Australian government landscape requires negotaion between separate government agencies across sectors and across the levels of government - local, state and federal. The Aristotle Metadata Registry facilitates a smooth exchange of data and information between government agencies by recognising and harnessing a federated model of data to support a federated government landscape.

Our metadata federation APIs allow published metadata to move seemlessly between registries, to ensure all parties understand the meaning of data as it passes between departments.

The Aristotle Metadata Registry also helps you engage all stakeholders in your data, by allowing you to securely invite users from separate agencies to participate in your registry. By adding external collaborators to your registry, you can control which external users have access to content, allow them to full engage in the development of data standards, and keep all the decisions about your data in a single, central location.

Standard-based solutions to drive collaboration & understanding

Rely on nationally and internationally recognised data standards to improve the interpretation of your data.

We use known international standards, such as the ISO-11179 standard for metadata registries, DCAT2 standard for data catalogues and associated health informatics and geospatial standards to build understanding and capability across government. By implementing known standards, users develop a generic skill set that reduces the risk of vendor lock-in and increases the flexibility of your data infrastructure.

By relying on user-approved standards like ISO-11179, users have transferable knowledge that can be utilised across your organisation. Which means your team can begin working and collaborating faster and you can get more out out of your data.

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